Satsang is a Sanskrit word which means ‘gathering in the company of truth.’ Broken down, Sat means truth, while Sang means company.  

What happens at a Satsang with Gurpreetji?

When entering the satsang room, there is a front desk where attendees can pay for the session, and ask any questions they may have. Satsang attendees are seated together in rows of comfortable chairs. Seating takes place 15 minutes before Gurpreetji arrives. The number of people attending the satsangs varies, depending on whether they are offered on a weekend or for a longer retreat. Gurpreetji sits on a chair at the front of the room on a raised platform to ensure she is visible.


Near the back, one attendee is running a camera and the sound system which is used to project the questioner and Gurpreetji’s conversation in the satsang room, and to those who are live streaming on the internet. The connections are recorded and available to satsang attendees to listen to at a later date.


Each satsang varies in exactly how it unfolds. Gurpreetji begins the satsang by looking around the room at everyone present. She describes this as a way to be with everyone in the room in a wholesome way.


Often Gurpreetji will hold what is referred to as an ‘open talk’ at the beginning of a satsang. She addresses a topic that she feels the group can benefit from at that time. Open talk topics are broad and non-structured. Sometimes Gurpreetji will hold a talk, and then sit silently with the group for the remainder of the satsang.


After the open talk, attendees who have a question are invited to raise their hands. After selecting several people, she speaks to each person in turn. She may speak to one or several people per session, depending on how the connections unfold. Some people choose not to come to the chair at all, and regardless of whether a person speaks with Gurpreetji or not, being present in the room during the connections of others is greatly beneficial.

How is Gurpreetji different from other teachers?
The purity and simplicity of Gurpreetji’s guidings are touching and profound, and do not require the participant to learn a practice of any kind, or to subscribe to a philosophy, approach or lineage. There is nothing to ‘get’, neither in the sense of acquiring, nor conceptual understanding. The simple love and the awakened truth that are alive within Gurpreetji are the vehicles by which she connects with and guides the participants. Whether the participant is connecting directly with Gurpreetji, or whether they are listening to another person’s connection, the benefit of her presence and guidance is felt by all. The benefit is at the heart level, and it is open to everyone and anyone who is drawn to this learning.

What is Gurpreetji’s approach to guiding?
Participants are invited to sit with Gurpreetji in the spirit of openness, love and simplicity. For Gurpreetji, being with people in the room is how she is able to connect with them. Through this presence, she connects with the person at a heart level, allowing her to listen to their questions from this place, rather than from a place of mental analysis. Her guidance is also from the heart level. She rarely advises people on questions around their practical, everyday life, rather directing participants to the often deeply rooted patterns that may underlie their questions. Thus, there is nothing that people must ‘do’ to benefit from Gurpreetji’s guidance. According to Gurpreetji, she does not guide people towards intellectual understanding or concepts of the mind, but rather shows them the truth that has always lived within them. There are no obligations or commitments to be made, just a simple invitation to be in the satsang to grow.

What practical information do I need to know before coming to satsang?

For comfort, it is recommended that a blanket or shawl be brought along. Cushions are available in the room for everyone’s use. Bringing a water bottle is recommended, but food is not permitted in the room. Ample free parking is available outside the satsang venue in Vernon.

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