Online satsang guidelines

Device Position During a Connection


1. Position your device so that your camera is at eye level. This may require you prop up your device.


2. Position yourself and your device so that your head is at the top of your screen.


3. If using a mobile device, ipad, tablet or phone, rotate it so that the camera is at the top of your device, in portrait or vertical position. 


4. Sit in a well lit, quiet room with the light in front of you and not behind you. If you are sitting in front of a window or have a light on behind you, Gurpreetji and others viewing cannot see you well.  


5. For best sound quality use earbuds or earphones with a microphone

Having a Connection 

1. If you would like a connection please sign on a 1/2 hour before the satsang begins and raise your hand. To raise your hand you will see a small hand icon at the top or bottom of your screen. Please continue to raise your hand in each satsang if you have not yet been chosen. If you are chosen continue to raise your hand so that it is easy to see you and move you into the connection room. 

2. The names chosen will be announced during the announcements 15 minutes before each satsang begins. If you are chosen for connection and time did not permit you to have your turn, your name will be carried over to the next satsang. 

3. If you are invited to have a connection with Gurpreetji you will be brought into the connection room. When it is your turn you will be prompted to turn your camera and microphone on. Please do not turn them on before you are invited to do so. 

4. Please follow the above camera and audio instructions to have the best possible connection with Gurpreetji. 

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